Various Artists



Carbon Records CR200

A mighty comprehensive snap-shot of the underground sounds emanating from the city of Rochester New York circa now (2012). From the post-noise extreme sounds of LICKER & r. nuuja (both members of Pengo) to the more pastoral psych smudged compositions of Joe Sorriero (of Nod) & Drippers, this collection of Western NY weirdos addresses the question "What the hell is going on in Rochester to create such odd sounds?". This LP is the 200th release on long time Rochester based record label Carbon Records. We think in due time that this LP will sit easily next to other regional compilation records like Waste Sausage (Black Eye Records - Australia) & Labyrinths And Jokes (Hanson Records - Michigan) as a definitive & defining document of the Flower/Flour City's post-everything scene.

The LP consists of r.nuuja (Pengo), Colonel Parmesan (Thunderbody), Dr Hamburger (Tumul, Jungle Heart), Crush the Entente (Crush the Junta and Entente Cordiale collaboration), Stone Baby, Martin Freeman, Tumul, Autumn in Halifax, Chris Reeg (Blood and Bone Orchestra, Ian Downey is Famous), Joe Sorriero (Nod), Licker (Pengo), Drippers, Andy Gilmore, Pengo, MntDst, and the Bloody Noes. White vinyl with digital download coupon. Mastered by James Plotkin.


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