Angelo Bignamini
Polaroids CDR
Carbon Records

Polaroids is the latest from Italian musician and sound artist Angelo Bignamini. Its not everyday that I get a demo submission which grabs my attention like Polaroids did. A perfect combination of field recording/sound art/radio and guitar work. A free-noise gem.

Digital tracks can be purchases from Angelo's Bandcamp page - https://nauseadevivre.bandcamp.com/album/polaroids

Angelo Bignamini is a musician and sound artist from Italy.

He is interested in the relationship between music and failure, especially the relationship between sound and its deterioration. His works are published by Lal Lal Lal, Falt, Ambient Noise Session, Hologram Label, Luce Sia, Powdered hearts, ManyFeetUnder/Homemade, Phonographiq. He also runs his personal label nausea.