Will Veeder
Exit Interview CD
Carbon Records
Beastview Maul
Lido Scuffle CDR
Carbon Records
Psychedelic Minimalism Vol. 1 CD
Carbon Records
Double Wig
s/t LP (180g)
Carbon Records /
Feeding Tube Records
Blood In My Hair/Lumena 7"
I Dischi Del Barone (IDDB)
Cut A Crooked Track 7"
I Dischi Del Barone (IDDB)
Vol. 2 LP
Hive Mind
Loren Connors
9th Avenue LP (180g)
Carbon Records
Tolin Asumer LP (180g)
Carbon Records
Kath Bloom with David Shapiro
Long Way To Go Home 7"
C/Site Recordings
Sky Wells LP
C/Site Recordings
Loren Connors / Vapour Theories
split (2nd pressing) LP
Carbon Records
Kawol Samarqandi
Silence, Notes and Structures 1 LP
Ramble Records
A.J. Kaufmann
Stoned Gypsy Wanderer LP
Ramble Records
Camila Nebbia
Corre el río de la memoria sobre la tierra que arrastra trazos, dejando rastros de alguna huella que hoy es número LP
Ramble Records
the Man from Atlantis
Volume 1 LP
Ramble Records
Christina Carter
Texas Blues Working CD
Blackest Rainbow
Tom & Christina Carter 2LP
Drawing Room
Josh Rosenthal
The Record Store of the Mind (BOOK) BOOK
Tompkins Square
Parallel Systems 2CD
Tape Drift /
Eric Arn
Higher Order LP
Carbon Records
Various Artists
Erewhon Calling - Experimental Sound in New Zealand Softcover
Audio Foundation

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Keijo / Jarmo
Along the Sun and the Rain CASS
Aphra Cadabra / Pablo Picco / Müriscia Divinorum
Electronic Neorruralism Music in Viarava & Charava CASS
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