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Phi-Phenomena is an annual music festival started in 1996 featuring 10 artists performing in one hour, each giving a 5-minute set with 1-minute intermissions. Though many Phi performers have been from the experimental/noise scene, the music played has also included indie pop, free jazz, electronica and folk. In September 2001 the first Phi tour occurred in the Northeast and Midwest, consisting of more than 2 dozen players comprising 10 acts and travelling in 4 vehicles including an RV. This is the tour CD for this mayhem on wheels. 23 tracks by 21 artists, including Asthmatic, Madame Chao, Cock E.S.P., Dixie Prix, Doersam, Eloe Omoe, Gang Wizard, late, Laundryroom Squelchers, Malta,, Newton, ORTHO, oVo, Pengo, QXW, Rexor, The Suck, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Unconditional Loathing and John Weise.