Blood Farm

Ethan WL
Blood Farm LP
Carbon Records

“This is my latest album, about 40 straight minutes of acoustic guitar. All originals, live takes, and no overdubs. Filmmaker and Journalist Bill Lichtenstein told me that it ‘sounds like Mississippi Fred McDowell.’ On the last track my friend Isabel plays a tanpura that I had just acquired a few days before from an old acquaintance of John Fahey’s in Takoma Park.” - Ethan WL

Digital and cassette versions available from Drongo -

Track 1 Recorded 3/15/24 at Brickbat Books in Philadelphia PA

Tracks 2 and 4 Recorded 12/24/23 in Gloucester MA

Track 3 Recorded 3/16/24 at Rhizome in Washington DC

Track 5 Recorded 3/23/24 at Sol Art Center in Staunton VA

All songs written by Ethan WL

Isabel March - Tanpura on “White River Raag”
Mixed and Mastered by Rob V. at the Sound-O-Mat
Art and Design by Grace Clements