9 hours with Jim and the Greatful Dead

Carlos Giffoni

9 hours with Jim and the Greatful Dead


Carbon Records CR54

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\"9 hours with jim and the greatful dead is a 30+ minute improvisation using guitar, amp and a few guitar modulation effects that I find unique and necessary to express through certain sounds, and is a one take 30+ minute \"jam\". when I first planned to record it it was meant to be a joke on a long and strange conversation I had with Jim Dunbar and Don Fleming at a show the night before about The Legendary Greatful Dead jams in the west coast that supposedly lasted sometimes up to that long and that apparently Jim saw more

than once. I wanted to make something with enough variation of sound and mood so that it felt like it was 9 hours compressed in a much shorter \"jam\", steal some interesting moments from the eternal dictation and crunch them all together in one piece. When I started playing the guitar, the piece evolved into something else and I just let it go. for 30 minutes +, what I consider a long time for 1 \"jam\". maybe I am to young and have a short attention span, or maybe I just wasn't there. You can ask Jim about it, Jim was there, for 9 hours, more than once. I really couldn't be there, I wasn't born at the time and currently I am still trying to finish college.\" [color stickers attached to sealed white cd folders. edition of 75]