Carbon Records CR23

What you‘ve got here is 14 tracks of post-Slint tuneage that‘s sure to get the backpack slinging crowds‘ glasses in a fog. With e/o, a perfect balance between monstrous crushing riffs and delicate pop hooks is achieved in a flawless manner. While Hilkka‘s patented claustrophobia inducing riffs are present in abundance on this release, the playing is a little looser and more open. This gives songs like "Sad Song‘s Say So Much" and "I Go Dental" room to breath and a way out of the over crowded ghetto called "Indie Rock Circa 2000".

This release also establishes Hilkka as true craftsmen in the song writing field. You can tell these songs took time to compose. Face it kid, these three large men from Rochester New York show a range and depth both emotionally and cerebrally in their music that makes yr popular Midwest Emo of the month heros sound like the baggy pants wearing pussies that they really are.