Walking the Red Road

John Charlton

Walking the Red Road


Carbon Records CR147

This is John's first full-length on Carbon, with, i'm sure, more to come. former member/cohort of TenTon (now in Chicago), John lives in the Boston area and records all sorts of sounds, guitars, tibeten bowls, cymbals, strings, etc. he was featured on the Carbon 3CD compilation I Don't Think the Dirt Belongs to the Grass and won this praise from Keith Fullerton Whitman: "there's something on here for everyone... and in fact you might end up, like myself, enjoying just about everything on this set, from the pieces by the names you know/trust to those by otherwise unknowns (for example; i didn't know john charlton's name, but his acoustic guitar/tibetan singing bowls/wine glasses piece on here ended up being one of my favorite pieces.)". This full length is a study in guitar, from repetitive/looping acoustic and clean electric with incidental backgrounds, to busy hammering/drumming/droning on an acoustic, to warbly electric mood (ala LMC), to full-on saturated noise/drone. to mirror KFW's comment, something for everyone. [packaged in heavy vinyl sleeve with handmade red and gold paper and spray-painted CD]