Silence, Notes and Structures 1

Kawol Samarqandi
Silence, Notes and Structures 1 LP
Ramble Records

Kawol Samarqandi's ethereal recording Silence Notes and Structures 1 follows his exquisite album of covers. On Silence Notes and Structures 1, Kawol explores the subtle balance between silence and notes and the result is a magically crafted recording where the space between notes is as poignant as the nuanced notes he delicately picks. - Mike Sill / Ramble Records

This is the first album of the group of works that form the core of my work. There is literally just one acoustic guitar and voice, occasional "silence" and atypical "notes" and the simple unfinished "structure" formed by them. This is probably the skeleton of my "poor music". - Kaowl Samarqandi

A=432Hz tuned Larrivée OM-01
"Laperto" acoustic guitar and voice: kawol samarqandi
1bit recording by meacha
converting and editing by kawol
at 432den, seaside - January 2021
photographs: meacha
design: Kon Tazas
special thanks to Michael Sill, George Christian Vilela Pereira and
mary meacha goldfish
all music by kawol samarqandi, PLAKA for EARDRUM