woman taken in adultery (re-packaging!)

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woman taken in adultery (re-packaging!) CDR
Carbon Records / Glasvocht

New RISO printed covers!

Found some dead-stock of this amazing comp Carbon Records put out with the Belgian label Glasvocht back in 2002 (22 years ago!!!). I didn't have any of the original (simple) packaging, so I decided to update it with a brand new 2-color Riso cover, on card stock in a gatefold vinyl sleeve.

But yeah, I mean, look at that artist list! An amazing range of sounds, from the brutally crushing Noxagt (featuring Kjetil Brandsdal), NZ free-noise giants Flies Inside The Sun (Brian Crook, Kim Pieters, Peter Stapleton), and Lovely Midget / Metralleta (Rachel Shearer), minimal texture free-noise drones from Belgian Random Reflections, and of course, the legendary minimalist-blues guitarist Loren Connors.

Bands on this compilation

  1. Loren Connors