Swimming In

Rock Candy
Swimming In 7"
Carbon Records

Delve into Rock Candy’s first ever released recordings - enter their universe of far out features, including sounds from the electric guitar, organ, drum machine and “vintage” keyboard.

An electrifying and experimental fusion of psych rock, noise, and avant-garde guitar work, along with organ, keyboard and drum machine, culminating in the construction of two 5min+ instrumental stakes in the ground, telling the underground music world, we’re coming for you!

The artists behind these artifacts are Kryssi B (of New Haven heavies Headroom and Mountain Movers) and Emily Robb (with multiple solo releases as well as member of Astute Palate); they are shelling out sounds via the spring of 2023’s sweating and laboring in Robb’s basement, lovingly referred to as “Suddenly Studio.”

Thanks to Carbon Records, these tunes have been lifted from storage, pressed into vinyl, and presented for your approval.

"Emily and Kryssi, the Judy & Audrey Landers of the 2020's, teaching you how to rock!"Recorded and mixed by Emily and Kryssi, 2023 in Philadelphia at Suddenly Studio.

Mastered by James Plotkin.

Cover art by Richie Charles.

Covers Riso printed on 80# cover stock.