Volume 1

the Man from Atlantis
Volume 1 LP
Ramble Records

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Man From Atlantis is an artist that creates a particularly unique psychedelic folk rock melange that is rich with heart, empathy and dream-like atmospheres.

Throughout this release, TMFA combines elements of American bluegrass, blues and even Indian classical music together into raw expressions of acid-influenced catharsis. Some tracks, like the meditative “Death Rattle,” feature pastoral acoustic mantras that eventually bloom into full hallucinatory meanderings, complete with Matt Valentine-like fried electric solos. These, as well as all of the other tracks, feel as though the artist is actively breaching through their own darkness, and finding a light that moves them forward in real time.

Other highlights include the tearfully poignant “Wondering Star (Love in Outer Space)” and the bedraggled and painfully tender tribute to the late Anthony Bourdain, “Travel Light.”

For a record that feels like it understands you more than you even understand yourself, check out The Man From Atlantis’ first of what I hope will be many volumes."
Record Crates United, July 2021