Th' Gunk Was Bunk

Various Artists

Th' Gunk Was Bunk


D.I.H.D. D.I.H.D. ‎– 009

"Lo-fi, noise, drone, no wave, hardrock & psych rock compilation tape. This is th' 5th 'Gunk' Tape compilation, featuring th' finest weirdo artists that have been in contact with Human Adult Band/d.i.h.d. over the course of the last year, including musicians from Bardo Pond, Honey Radar & Mouthus. This Gunk comp presents mostly exclusive tracks by: Pengo (CT), Preening (CA), Bad Eyesight (DE), ASPS (PA/NJ), Heyst (PA), United Waters (NY), Healers co (MA), Double Wig (PA), Sweating Pipe (PA) & Human Adult Band (NJ). Art work by Jaime of Rvrs Mrcy (CT). Don't miss it. This may be th' last GUNK compilation. "

Cassette Compilation (edition of 150 / Sealed O-card packaging / brown cassette shell)

A1 - Pengo - One Egg Cream For Phossy Jaw

A2 - Preening - WC (Live in Cleveland)

A3 - Bad Eyesight - All Night

A4 - Asps - Snakeferatu

A5 - Heyst - Th' Tidepool (excerpt)

B1 - United Waters - Checkers

B2 - Healers co. - Paradise Collage

B3 - Double Wig - When Your Mask is Not Another Face

B4 - Sweating Pipe - Pipe Sweating

B5 - Human Adult Band - Peace to You