Green Dreams


One-sided LP

Carbon Records CR205

1 side (of music), 7 songs, 16+ minutes, 1 side of artwork (green on black silkscreen), this is an amazing collection of heavy, raucous, punk/dirgy sounds from this trio (now four-piece) band from Rochester, NY. With elements of that heavy mid-90's, mid-west sound ala the AmRep label, the speed and aggression of youth, and some damn catchy song writing. [1 side 12" with 1-color silkscreen on b-side. Covers are 2-color silkscreen on heavy green card stock, with half-lap back cover to view vinyl artwork. Includes insert and digital download coupon. Artwork and cover printing by Mike Turzanski - www.miketurzanski.com. Recorded by Ben Morey at Submarine. Mastered by Jocko at MoreSound.]


  • Aquarius Records


    Got three new releases from the Carbon label on this week's list, one being this kick ass one sided silk screened 12" from an outfit called Green Dreams, who take old school AmRep style noise rock and inject it with some...