specializing in noise, improv, heavy, loud rock, and weird music since 1994

  • http://www.thatdevilmusic.com/2019/03/carbon-records-25th-anniversary.html

    Hinkley’s Peak of Light is an excellent album with material that, while sitting outside of the contemporary pop zeitgeist, remains firmly-footed in the realm of experimental rock ‘n’ r...
  • That Devil Music

    Rochester’s Nod’s sound, as offered on their Carbon Records release So Much Tonight, is more melodic, with just a bit of rattle and hum in the grooves. With...
  • That Devil Music

    Crush the Junta’s Hermanos de la Muerte offers up five tracks of noisy, droning, mostly-instrumental music, but there’s not an overwhelming “wall of sound” dominating your senses....
  • Pengo

    File Under WTF???


    Carbon Records CR238
  • Ian Downey is Famous

    Destroy Language


    Carbon Records CR237
  • Joe+N / Mike Shiflet

    split (Joe+N / Mike Shiflet)


    Humanhood HHR30
  • CarbonGear

    Carbon 25YR Hoodie (Turzanski Design)

    Hoodie - Medium, Hoodie - Large, Hoodie - XL, Hoodie - XXL

    Carbon Records CR244
    Available sizes: Medium | Large | XL | XXL
  • Sean Pawley

    The Ballad of St. Zita / Whip-poor-will at Dark


    Free Odds 345X
  • Pop Wars

    Last year when we were working on Civilization Arpad played us a few tracks that he had recorded at Nod’s rehearsal space. We were finishing mixes for ou...
  • Various Artists



    Carbon Records CR239
  • Crush the Junta

    Hermanos de la Muerte


    Carbon Records CR235
  • Nod

    So Much Tonight


    Carbon Records CR236
  • CarbonGear

    Carbon25YR TSHIRTS


    Carbon Records CR243
    Available sizes: Small | Medium | Large | XL
  • Josh Abrams

    Excavations 1


    Feeding Tube Records FTR 337LP
  • Carbon25YR Kickstarter

    Carbon Records 25th Year ProjectsVisit Kickstarter Since 1994, I have been running the independent record label, Carbon Records. It’s been a labor of love to which I have happily devoted mu...
  • Profilgate

    Somewhere Else


    Wharf Cat Records WCR077
  • Loy Fontescue



    Tape Drift TD93
  • Rambutan

    The Temple Of Echo 2


    Tape Drift TD95
  • CarbonGear

    Carbon Records Fall 2017 T-shirt


    Carbon Records CARBON_2017_TSHIRT
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  • CarbonGear

    Carbon Records Fall 2017 Hoodie

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    Carbon Records CARBON_2017_HOODIE
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