Tom Carter / Gate


7", w/ Wood Print

Carbon Records CR208

For those who don't know, Gate is Michael Morley's (of The Dead C) solo project. His side is a mesmerizing track, consisting of distortion washed guitar over a slap-back drum machine rhythm track, with classic Morley slow-drawl vocals, ending with a super... super, low end rumble.

Tom Carter, of the Charalambides, contributes a guitar (?) layered masterpiece. I can only assume its guitar, but at times it sounds like synth/keyboard, or even bagpipes. Seemingly random patterns, all fall into place to create a beautiful, melodic, textural drone composition.

[Packaged in a 2-color silkscreened Stumptown press fold-together kraft sleeve. 3 different cover color variations Digital download coupon included. Random colored vinyl. Limited to 313 copies.]

Special Limited Edition with wood print of cover artwork available.

Wood Print


  • Aquarius Records


    Killer split from two aQ faves. Gate is Michael Morley of NZ noise rockers the Dead C, and his side here sounds like it could have been plucked right off his classic The Dew Line record, a creepy, lurching noise...