Carbon25YR Kickstarter

Carbon Records 25th Year ProjectsVisit Kickstarter Since 1994, I have been running the independent record label, Carbon Records. It’s been a labor of love to which I have happily devoted much of my personal time and finances. Enabling musicians/bands to get their music out will always remain important to me and I currently have so many releases that I want to put out, but only so many resources.  Running the label for 24 years, I have now been living wi...

Brand New Joe+N Release on Humanhood Recordings

I'm please to announce a new Joe+N release on the Humanhood Recordings label, run by the prolific Thaniel Ion Lee. Its available on Bandcamp.  

Brand New Tuurd Digital Release!

A collection of tracks from the Not So Heavy / Pollock Dracula limited 7" (Carbon Records) and the Uusi Tuuli cassette (cae-sur-a), along with some out-takes and live tracks, including 3 bonus tracks (not in the track listing, but included in the download) <a href="<a href="">The" class="redactor-linkify-object"&...

New Carbon Buttons Site!

Check out the brand new Carbon Buttons site. Dedicated to buttons of Carbon bands, other inspiring bands, political buttons, and various other styles. And also, get you small-run custom buttons made here! Good rates, catering to bands, labels, etc.  Visit Carbon Buttons

Free Carbon Records button with any order

Order anything from the site and receive a free Carbon Records button, randomly chosen from a selection of label and band designs, including Crush the Junta, Tumul, Jungle Heart, Pengo, and more! 

New Radio Show

I've started a new radio show called Numbers, on the new low-powered fm station in Rochester NY, WAYO 104.3fm. The show is on every Friday from 1 to 3pm. You can also stream the station live at and also listen to archived Numbers shows at

Carbon Fall Preview

So yeah, its only been like 9 months since my last post (Carbon Decay or News!). Here's a wrap up of what the summer entailed at Carbon HQ, quietly (barely) planning upcoming releases for the label, after a rather slow (non-existent) release schedule since last 2014. The new Muler LP - Unlikely Soldiers is coming out this Fall. Release show is one Sept 25th, with the digital and cassette version of the release ready then, and then the vinyl to follow shortly...

Brand New Website!

The Carbon website has really only existed in two forms, up until now. The very first version was super basic and ugly static HTML, back in 1994. The World Wide Web was still pretty new. Buying a domain name was an obscure and confusing process. The Way Back Machine still has the first version cached (without images) at this Nasty URL. I finally bought in 1998 and in then in 2000, i created the more-designed site that would last until now....