• Nod

    Pop Wars

    So Much Tonight

    Last year when we were working on Civilization Arpad played us a few tracks that he had recorded at Nod’s rehearsal space. We were finishing mixes for our cd and they were just starting work on a ne...

    Beats Per Minute

    by Colin Joyce


    Rochester seems a weird place, if Carbon Records is any indication. This local noise label, started in 1994, has long specialized in bringing the best leftfield tunes that the upstate NY town has to offer, and with CR200 they've released a...
  • split

    Aquarius Records


    Killer split from two aQ faves. Gate is Michael Morley of NZ noise rockers the Dead C, and his side here sounds like it could have been plucked right off his classic The Dew Line record, a creepy, lurching noise...
  • Sweats

    Aquarius Records


    Got three new releases from the Carbon label on this week's list, one being this kick ass one sided silk screened 12" from an outfit called Green Dreams, who take old school AmRep style noise rock and inject it with some...
  • Not So Heavy / Pollock Dracula

    Aquarius Records

    Not So Heavy / Pollock Dracula

    Brand new super limited 7" from this awesomely monikered drum and bass duo, and like their previous lp, I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty, these two jams deliver some seriously stripped down, doom / sludge / noise rock minimalism. The bass super...
  • split

    Aquarius Records


    Every year on Record Store Day, there's inevitably a record from psychedelic space rockers Bardo Pond, and every year, it's SO limited, we barely get any, and thus there are a lot of disappointed BP fans. This year was more...
  • the nature of systems


    the nature of systems

    In addition to drumming with Terrastock 1 performers, Hilkka, Joe Tunis also runs the Rochester, NY-based Carbon Records label and loops tapes and other exotic electrical and "found" instruments as leader of the algebraic equation, Joe+N (where n= his number...
  • i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

    Mimaroglu Music

    by Keith Fullerton Whitman

    i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

    triple-disc compilation celebrating 12+ years of joe tunis' (Joe+N) carbon records label... spiralling out one disc at a time from rochester, ny, first to the rest of the usa, then to the rest of the world... a very nice thing:...
  • 1904

    Foxy Digitalis

    by Brad Rose


    1904. 100 years ago. I can't imagine anyone back then thought the advancements in music technology that have happened in that time would have ever been possible. Entente Cordiale are another new addition to the fantastic Carbon imprint. This short release contains...
  • Pengo

    View Magazine

    by Adam Grant

    Ever attempt to Google the word Pengo before? If you have, chances are you found websites dedicated to the video game, information about a form of Hungarian currency, and maybe even a German techno music label. If you dig a...
  • estate sale

    Delusions of Adequacy

    by Jeff Marsh

    estate sale

    On their third release and second full-length, the Rochester musicians in Hinkley offer a brilliant album of perfectly produced, stylistically diverse pop music that is sure to find widespread appreciation if given the opportunity. If every city has its band...
  • Kites With Broken Strings

    Two Way Monologues

    by Dan

    Kites With Broken Strings

    A lot of people have a tough time understanding how I can appreciate watching baseball, golf or even (gasp!) curling as much as I do, and I can understand that. The reality is that those activities just move too slowly...
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