Aloha From Beastview Maul

Beastview Maul
Aloha From Beastview Maul CD
Carbon Records

Like the Kolea (aka The Pacific Golden Plover) that migrates from the harsh winter tundra of Alaska & Siberia to the sunny climate of the Hawaiian Islands, Beastview Maul travels to warm & exotic lands not by wing but by sound waves. Hear the cascading waterfalls splash against the rocks below. Is that water or static? The distance between exotic lounge music and avant garde noise is not as far as you might think. Both allow the listener to be transported out of the mundane everyday into a space where reality is porous. Both are psychedelic at their core. So, sit back, make a fancy tiki drink and enjoy the wild untamed sounds of Beastview Maul.
– Edward Condry (noted ornithologist & fugitive)

Aloha From Beastview Maul is the second full length CD by the Rochester New York based duo of John Schoen & Joe Tunis (who are also 1/2 of psych-aktion unit Pengo). Their first being 2022's Lido Scuffle. Both are on Carbon Records. Aloha was recorded & mixed in late Summer of 2022 in downtown Rochester, but its heart beats in the tropical climes of a jungle paradise.

Beastview Maul is John Schoen and Joe Tunis
Recorded and mixed by Chris Reeg.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Photography by Ella Tunis