John Krausbauer / Jamie Green
RIBBING 7" lathe cut with booklet, zine only
Carbon Records

Awesome sounding 7" lathe cut, made by Audio Geography using their "HIFI" process "...HIFI cuts are made on two Vinyl Recorder systems, the cuts are stereo, high frequency range (30hz-15kHz+), with very low surface noise. These are nearly comparable to pressed records with a properly prepared master."

“Art End Times’ Art of End Times” is a credo to commemorate the sea change in western art that has been taking place over the last many decades. Namely, a transformation of pursuits from the sensuous, psycho-experiential and ecstatic to those of the overtly dry, overthought and intellectually shabby. “AET” is a death knell for western art and the empty promises born of its new&improved paradigm. It’s a diatribe intended, in part, to prick the slumbering, credulous lobcocks who ineluctably plod down the same overworn paths, forever leading to the same tired results. It is a challenge to anyone partaking in the art-game to own up to their deceptive tactics, tactics of weird art-speak nothingness, slick social maneuvering for low-grade power grabs, self-promotional inanity, and the rest of the polite grotesquery affiliated with the void-chamber of modern institutionalized “Art” and its lame duck associates…

This booklet is a reissue of the first edition released by No Label in New Zealand.