Liam Grant
Amoskeag LP
Carbon Records

Every song on this album taps into raw, rich veins of sound that are simultaneously dense but easy to enjoy; vintage and modern; new yet timeless. The album kicks off with a monster track entitled "Stratton-Eustis" - one of those complex yet flowing tunes that makes you think overdubs were involved or the player has grown an extra set of limbs. Then there's "Kenduskeag,” a raga-esque group recording in an abandoned New England Conservatory building with Ethan WL and the long standing anonymous drone collective The Suncook Symphony that showcases his already masterful skills for composition and band leadership. The title track, "Amoskeag," is a powerful, overflowing whiskey glass full of deep, raw soul, drawn from ages past and times present. The closer, "Androscoggin River Ragg," is exactly that, an old-timey blues rag sucked straight from the ether of hundred years past, with Grayson McGuire on banjo and Mike Gangloff on jaw harp.

co-released by Carbon Records and Feeding Tube Records

releases August 25, 2023 (but pre-orders ship sooner)

Track 2 recorded by Mike Gangloff in Todd, NC

Tracks 5, 6 recorded and accompanied by Mike Gangloff (shruti box, singing bowls, jaw harp, bowed banjo) with Grayson McGuire (bowed banjo, singing bowls, banjo)

Track 3 recorded by Ethan WL (second guitar) in Boston, MA with live accompaniment by The Suncook Symphony

Musical guidance, engineering and mastering from The Mighty Rob V. at The Sound-O-Mat

Edition of 500 on black vinyl. Each LP comes with a custom printed Riso paste-on sleeve (front and back), each slightly different with varying dual-color combinations and registration variations. Also comes with a similarly printed art-insert. Riso ink never really dries, so some smudging may occur, just so you know. But you know, again, each one is completely unique!'


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