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OvO / Cock E.S.P.

split single


bar la muerte / Carbon Records / Little Mafia CR126

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"Italy's Ovo create fierce and pounding postpunk featuring heavy injections of noise, free jazz and seminal no-wave. The duo features talented multi-instrumentalist and Bar La Muerte Records chief Bruno Dorella (Ronin, Wolfango, Bugo) and Stefania Pedretti (Allun, ?aloS), whose stunning vocal range begins with cutsey child-like whispers, peaks with banshee wails, and finishes with brutal death metal roars.

This release sees them in full rock mode, causing one sneak-preview listener to compare the first of their two tracks -- "Pastorale" -- to Godflesh. Daniele Brusaschetto, Jacopo Andreini and Capoccia make special guest appearances.

America's Cock E.S.P. are generally known for producing harsh noiseonly surpassed in intensity by the contempt they generate within certain corners of the underground music scene. This release is more of a diverse collection than their usual outings, featuring mostly duo recordings of bandleader Emil Hagstrom and vocalist Elyse Perez. In addition to the usual electronic noise and ranting vocals, certain tracks also feature delicate experimental soundscapes and even somebeats. One of E.S.P.'s ten short tracks, "Yoko OvO", includes Elyse's vocal ode to Stefania. Alexandra Kohl makes a guest appearance.

The packaging features several impressive photos from a notoriousNovember 2004 show in Oakland -- the last of 15 shows the two bands played together on their respective 2004 US Tours -- on a bill which included No Doctors, Unconditional Loathing, and Stooges sax player Steve Mackey.

An edition of only 500 copies" - co-released with 8mm, Apop, Bar La Muerta, Bastardized and Little Mafia.