Vinegar Baths

Vinegar Baths CD
Carbon Records

Vinegar Baths, the latest from Albany based sonic-master Parashi (aka Mike Griffin), is a collection of tracks ranging from free-noise experiments such as Styled As Nemesis and Don't Talk To Fascists, to the fuzz-drenched swells of The Questioning Kind, to a sinister yet catchy composed song like Winding Song (originally released on a lathe cut on Radical Documents, with the b-side, The Merry Oaf, also showing up here). The songs here all originated from improvisations utilizing a setup of 6-string bass and tapes--guitar and voice were added later. Parashi succeeds at the very daunting task of balancing perfectly between sound and song.

Mike Griffin has been releasing material under the name Parashi since 2009, consisting primarily of improvised noise and electronics. He is also a member of Burnt Hills, Sky Furrows, and Valley of Weights.

Digital purchases available on the Parashi Bandcamp site -

recorded and mixed in 2021-22 at Heron Room North

Parashi: 6-string bass, tapes, voice, guitar

"Winding Song" and "the Merry Oaf" were previously released as a lathe-cut 7" by Radical Documents.

mastered by Pete Weiss