Vol. 2

Vol. 2 LP
Hive Mind

"Here, the chicken sings better than anyone"
Miguel Tomasin

We are extremely happy to present to you the second volume of the explosive collaboration between two legendary collectives of the ecstatic music underground.

In 2017 Kawabata Makoto and his Acid Mothers Temple embarked on an extensive tour of South America. During the tour they carved out time to record and play shows with Argentine 'disembodied' music provocateurs Reynols and the results of these improvised sessions are a unique and exhilarating leap into the infinite...ecstatic, shamanic, truly free psychedelic music, beyond language and beyond all rational thought.

"Viva Acid Mothers Reynols!"
The Wire

"These are the tunes to get your soul flowing!"
Anti: Music Review

"where rock’n’roll meets the outer space"
aLive Reports

“…a deep excursion into primo psych-noise tribalism”
The Vinyl District

“ Both AMT and Reynols are dialed in here, and with the pedal all the way down from the start, they fuse into a singular, solid diamond”
Foxy Digitalis

“ A real feast for your third eye”
Metal Sucks

“… a barely contained freak-out on untethered lunar surfaces of blancmange”
Monolith Cocktail

“… Improvisatory, shamanic, ecstatic, nuts”
Honest Jon’s

"brilliant, crazy, improvised, certainly free"
Roots! Magazine

Kawabata Makoto : guitar, piano & speed guru
Tabata Mitsuru : guitar & gtr synth
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer & theremin
Wolf (aka S/T) : bass
Satoshima Nani : drums
Miguel Tomasín : vocals, drums, piano & flute
Roberto Conlazo : guitar & marmonio
Pacu Conlazo : percussion, horn & flute
Anla Courtis : guitar & rovelio

All titles composed and performed by Acid Mothers Temple & Reynols.

Recorded at El Pie Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2017. Mixed at Van Vliet Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2019.
Produced by Reynols.
Sound Engineer : Hernán Calvo.
Sound Assistents : Lui Piluso & Pablo Pastorino

Thanks to : Tomasín Family, Hernán Calvo, Mario de Cristófaro, Pablo & Ceci Fagoaga, Duilio Pierri, Alejandro Maly, Marc Teare and all the friends everywhere.

Cover Painting & Drawings: Ozalnoc
Cover Painting Photo: Flor Orunesu
Album Design: Job Salorio