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Pengo, a trio from Rochester, NY, have been in existence since 1998, but A Nervous Splendor is only their second full-length release. Issued as the premiere offering of Hahoma Records, a label run by Jason Finkbeiner and John Schoen, 2/3 of Pengo, the

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by Matt Kosloff

a nervous splendor

The neo-folk and outsider weirdness genres have certainly collided head on,


a nervous splendor

For all the rave this rec was getting, I thought it started on a slightly d


by Nathan Hogan

a nervous splendor

Apocalypse Now: Luxe & Reduxe Pengo are a dark-bright beacon of madness


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a nervous splendor

Pengo are from upstate New York, and for some reason we usually think of th

The Wire

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a nervous splendor

Dressed in a cover resembling those of the 60s French free jazz/experimenta

City Newspaper

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a nervous splendor

A Nervous Splendor opens with a prayer bell; a call to the heavens that wil

Broken Face

by Mats Gustafsson

a nervous splendor

Pengo is a Rochester, NY trio that consists of John Schoen, Jason Finkbeine