Pengo - Moving Gelatin in a Translucent World

Indie Workshop

Pengo comes from the barren, broken, industrial wasteland of Rochester New York Their newest release entitled "Moving Gelatin in a Translucent World", on the Audiobot label out of Europe, features three new pieces numbingly laced with psychedelics This releases is a limited edition CDR encased in a richly hand screen-printed book. A breathtaking package limited to 160 copies, it is well worth the fairly modest price being asked. Occupying a total of forty-six minutes, these three new tracks feature a much thicker sound, than that which is found on their last release "A Nervous Splendor." Pengo creates a wall of sound that confronts the listener like a dense fog. Synthesizers hover like clouds over a landscape that is woven and shaped by guitars, drums and other various forms of percussion. These tracks are lush sound-scapes, describing and or creating locations, at times in a broad sense with sweeping generalizations, at times with pinpoint precision right down to the very last detail. The book containing the cd is more than just cleaver packaging; it exists as a work of art in itself. Roughly 8" x 5 1/2" and fourteen pages in length, it has multi-color screen prints made from images both found and hand drawn. From simple half-tone dot patterns screened lightly in one color to a busy three color spread featuring sideways birds, grids and scrawled faces, the images vary in subjects and execution yet are unified by repetition. One of the strongest releases both aesthetically and musically, of the year.