Since they first began playing together in a Rochester, NY, basement, Nod has been cranking out complex funk rock with an undercurrent of noise and chaos. Members Joe Sorriero (guitar, vocals), Tim Pollard (bass), Brian Shafer (drums), and Hugh Edwards (guitar) have shown off their groove craziness on a series of self-produced albums since 1990, including two full-length releases, Nod in 1992 and 1995's I'm Around. In 1998, they released their first CD with Smells Like Records, Magnetic Anomaly, an album that seems to synthesize the styles of all of their previous releases: each song exploring different aural territories and textures. Their follow-up CD released in 1999 by Smells Like Records, Radio Giddy-Up, continues along the same vibe, with a tighter and more developed sound.

Tim Poland - bass     Joe Sorriero - guitar, vocals     Brian Shafer - drums    


Rochester City Newspaper

by Patrick Hosken

Fly, Fly, Fly

“FLY, FLY, FLY” BY NOD Music should be at least a little weird. Embracing

That Devil Music

by Rev. Keith A. Gordon

So Much Tonight

Rochester’s Nod’s sound, as offered on their Carbon Records release So

Pop Wars

So Much Tonight

Last year when we were working on Civilization Arpad played us a