Fly, Fly, Fly

Fly, Fly, Fly CD
Carbon Records

Nod invites you to Fly, Fly, Fly with their latest release, the brand new offering from the long-running Rochester, New York-based trio Nod.

Equal parts jazz, groove, lo-fi, raw psychedelia, and driving VU-inspired rock, Nod’s 8th full-length release adds some rock grit to the previous Band Room Janitors. This set of fresh experiments from Nod’s laboratory create a new casserole from their ad lib cookbook. So dig in to the new Nod.

Digital version can be purchased from Nod's Bandcamp account -

Joe Sorriero : vocals, guitar, clarinet, keyboard
Brian Shafer: drums, lap steel
Tim Poland: bass, keyboard

Produced by Nod
Mastered by James Plotkin
Illustrations by Chris Schepp
Band Photo by Joe Tunis