Nod LP
Carbon Records

What you hold in your hands is the first Nod release from 1992, now on vinyl for the first time. Originally self-released as a CD, a subset of the recordings were perfectly re-mastered by James Plotkin for this slab of black vinyl.

During the “year punk broke”, this trio (and sometimes 4-piece) were holed up in a Western NY enclave, perfecting their craft of imperfections. A combination of studio and home recordings, this self-titled gem perfectly introduces you to the charming shambly rock which Nod has been creating for the past 30+ years. And after many self-released CDs and singles, and while getting “this close” with a stint on Steve Shelly’s Smells Like Records (Steve was the drummer of Sonic Youth), the band has been producing a solid string of releases for Rochester NY based Carbon Records.

The release includes driving/catchy tunes like Summertime and Running Into Trees, while It Don’t Bring Me Down has a perfect overlay of strumming guitar, similar to the guitar interplay of Bowie and Ronson circa ‘72, on top of a intense groove, while then breaking down into a slow warble, giving you enough time to take a swig. The meat of the release consists of a great combination of scratchy-guitar rockers... transitioning into the Dada-esque blues of Hot Potatoes, and then finally ending with Wooden Chair and Queens of Lattice, which could almost be cassette out-takes from Reed & co.

With more than 30 years behind us, this release is just as original and entertaining as back when I had it blaring from my dumpy apartment and beat- up car.

The digital-only version is available on the band's BC site -