Joe Tunis


Over the years, Joe has always been involved with multiple musical projects. From the math/loud rock outfits of Hilkka and Tuurd, to the indie pop groups, Flywheel and Muler, to the weirder improv rock outfits of SQ, Entente Cordiale, and Crush the Junta, also a slew of one-off/seldom playing groups like Deciduous vs Confider, Noh, etc. But since 1994, he has always kept the solo-guitar/found-sound Joe+N moniker alive with numerous releases, a handful of shows a year, and the yearly Day-Tour project. Joe also has another solo project, called Bruise Halo, focussing more on electronic and darker themes.


drums, guitar, pedals, homemade instruments, bow, tibeten prayer bowls, field recordings, etc.