Crush the Junta


Crush the Junta is a trio featuring Dennis Mariano of Overhand Sam and Bad Weapon, Chris Reeg of Seek The Black Goat, Entente Cordiale, and Blood and Bone Orchestra (RIP) and Joe Tunis of Pengo, Tuurd, Joe+N, Entente Cordiale, and SQ (he also runs Carbon Records).

The three play a variety of instruments, but mainly stick to drums, synth/electronics/bass and guitar respectively. This music is usually heavy and loud, hints of metal/stoner-rock/heavy-psych. Recent recordings have ventured into more varied realms.

Dennis Mariano - drums     Chris Reeg - bass, slide, synth     Joe Tunis - guitar, vocals, bass    


That Devil Music

by Rev. Keith A. Gordon

Hermanos de la Muerte

Crush the Junta’s Hermanos de la Muerte offers up five tracks of

Crucial Blast

the curse of abraham

Just found out about this new trio from Rochester, NY, which includes Joe T