Tuurd - Not So Heavy / Pollock Dracula

Aquarius Records

Brand new super limited 7" from this awesomely monikered drum and bass duo, and like their previous lp, I Wish My Wife Was This Dirty, these two jams deliver some seriously stripped down, doom / sludge / noise rock minimalism. The bass super distorted and almost guitar-like in its riffery, the drums suitably caveman like, the sound churning, and lumbering, super dynamic with plenty of mathiness, but ultimately, it's some serious Neanderthal heaviness, like OM with a frontal lobotomy, or a more abstract / avant version of Aussie heavies Dead. Needless to say, if you like it slow and low, heavy and hypnotic, this is the sort of minimal hypnorock heaviness that should push all your buttons. Especially spinning at 33, at which point it turns into pure, rib cage rattling slo-mo sludge!!

LIMITED TO 100 COPIES!!! Pressed on random different colored vinyl, the packaging super deluxe, a cool origami style Stumptown Arigato cardstock silkscreened sleeve, with two silkscreened color prints, and of course a digital download as well.

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