Pengo - Moving Gelatin in a Translucent World


Jeethush! (Translation: "Jesus!", slurred because I'm a little drunk right now.) This CD is packaged inside an amazing art book! The artist is Dennis Tyfus. He's from Belgium (I think), and for this book he's done a bunch of heavily full-color silk-screen paintings of birds that may never be featured in Juxtapoz, those hipster chumps, but would sing clear and true in that forum and any other. The art book is why I'm saying "Jesus" so loudly -- holding this thing I feel like it should cost $80 or something -- but damn, the music is pretty Jeethush!-worthy too. If you're looking for more of the same Pengo you found on their A Nervous Splendor LP, this might not be the one for you, because that LP had a lot of ominous delicacy and quietude, and this CD has three long tracks of pretty much full-on bludgeon. It sounds like it was recorded live, and the band is pretty much in giant-wall assault mode and the result just might blow your chair over. That upcoming Pengo/Hair Police collaboration LP is starting to make a whole lot of sense. Track three is especially a stormer, sounding like a cross between a Glenn Branca symphony, a Japanoise shitstorm, and Terry Kath's "Free-Form Guitar" all at once. (Um, yeah, I was right with all that storm imagery, the track is called "Sandpaper Storm" -- and yes, two of the three tracks were recorded live -- I guess I should read the liner notes earlier in the review next time.) And hey, props to the Belgian label that put this out, Audiobot, who is also Freaks End Future -- they're doing a lot of quality work, so catch up with 'em if you haven't.

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