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Other than the Goo Goo Dolls (ugh….ok, when they first started out they actually had a kinda cool Ramones sound but what the hell happened ???) Rochester, NY ain't known for much (and if it is, will someone please tell me ). Then along comes Hinkley….named after either the guy who shot Ronald Reagan (or Jim Hinkley the goofball I went to high school with – I'm guessing the former). The band is led by main guy Will Veeder and ESTATE SALE is full of the kind of melodic Americana that most bands written about in the pages of NO DEPRESSION would kill for. The record starts off with the gentle acoustic of "Hanging Tree" then dives right into the more rockin'/ melodic "Casino" and the record goes back and forth mixing the quieter, gentler tunes with more driving pop tunes. I think my favorite cut is the amazing "Ballerina" with the bouncy piano , jangly guitars and out of nowhere comes this killer blasting trumpet ( some nice trumpet work will always sell daggerboy on a song). Go on and open your door for Hinkley, they might be the best company you've ever had.

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