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With the familiar, downtempo strum-strum-strum that opens Estate Sale, it appears as if Hinkley leader and principle songwriter Will Veeder is about to lead the band down the same melancholy path it explored with such lustrous results on the band's 2004 release, Frail and Poker Faced. Anyone familiar with Veeder's previous work in Hinkley and the now-defunct Muler can attest to Veeder's unparalleled gift for wresting beauty from sadness. This time, as if sensing that lightning might not strike in the same spot twice, Veeder devotes about half the album to Muler-styled upbeat pop. The band --- a veritable all-star lineup of local talent --- switches gears between trademark Hinkley Americana and British mod rock with rubbery grace. One piece even delves into abstract jazz in a loose jam that nonetheless demonstrates the band's cohesion. Honorable mentions go to recurring guests Stacey Ackerman on vocals and Darren Dewispelaere on trumpet.

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    estate sale


    Carbon Records CR125

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