[Pengo - Cosmology of the Broken Saints]...not to mention the fact that the best thing I heard this week (if not this year) is an un-mp3-postable two-track live CD-R from Pengo entitled Cosmology of the Broken Saints on the Hippie Overdose label. Each

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by Adam Grant

Ever attempt to Google the word Pengo before? If you have, chances are you

this show was the god damn bomb. every band came out of the gate dominating

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Pengo "Toadstools Amongst the Tombstones" QBICOPengo really do make my favo

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Pengo - Toadstools amongst the tombstones 12"Damn, i decided to take a bit

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Holy Mountain / Show Preview - Kinds of the Rochester NY noise scene -- lar


Ah, but what do Pengo sound like? On here, they come off as one of the more

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In the past, Pengo 's performances have involved attaching contact mikes to

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by Jeff Spevak

Here was the scene a few weeks ago at Monty's Korner: Jason Finkbeiner and


by Eddie Flowers

Pengo reminds me of mid-60's Sun Ra, with an approach that's very modern fr

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by Ben Gonyo

Pengo used a drum loop from Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" while they