Ankylosaurus / Joe+N / - Willfully Ceased To Exist


Featuring more than one instrument but utilising the one-take/improv method of recording, Joe+N also gets down and dirty on “”Terms Of Measurement”, Phased guitar and drums, diving down into a sludge-driven swamp and following the ghost of Hawkwind before imploding into a cloud of guitar noise, the drums lost in the murky waters. Towards the end the guitar takes on a lighter tone(ish), traces of sunlight playing over the landscape as it slowly fades from memory. With droning violin, Tibetan bowls and strummed acoustic, “The Deepest” reads, on paper at least, as if it might be quite mellow and calming, not so as it reveals itself as a squall of whining noise, the bowls rattling as if trying to escape the chaos, the relentless pounding seeming to last much longer that its allotted five minutes. Intense and strangely beautiful.

Taking real – time recording in a completely different direction is “Willfully Ceased to Exist” a split CD featuring Ankylosaraus / Joe+N and released on Carbon Records. Kicking things off with “More of an Awareness Than a Practice” Ankylosaraus (T.Penn from the Human Adult Band) takes a bass, an amp and a couple of pedals to create a deep and fuzzed-up wall of sound that squirms and writhes into your cortex, a meditation that reveals the beauty within disorder, best played very loud, as is the following tune “Ceased to Exist”, a fourteen minute behemoth that messes with your perception, the droning call of mythical demons wishing to share their secrets and their loneliness through all eternity.