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[Figure and Chad Oliveiri release on Entr'acte] Figure is a name that appears in Vital Weekly since a long time, but sometimes it's spelled Brannon Hungness, Kill My Self On Monday, Oblivion Ensemble but strangely enough we never mentioned his work with Glenn Branca or Elliot Sharp. On 'Celest' he plays music with Chad Oliveiri, a journalist from Rochester, NY (where also Brannon lives), who also produces music. Together they did a whole bunch of improvisations, Chad on his laptop and Brannon on keyboards and effects and after that Brannon sat down in his bedroom studio to edit these recordings into this release. The input on those computers and keyboards is mostly electronical, but there are also real instruments to detect, like guitars and violins, all sampled. Stylistically this is not far away from the music Figure produces himself, dark and atmospheric slabs of sound, but the addition of Olivieri's computer adds a 'modern' component: crackles and glitches all set in loopmode to repeat them selves. That makes a rather odd marriage of ambient industrial and microsound, but it's one that much to my surprise works quite well. It adds an element of surprise to both microsound music and dark ambient, even when some of the pieces are bit long and unfocussed.

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