your brother, my brother

Crush the Junta

your brother, my brother


Carbon Records CR191

This is the fourteenth release in the Carbon 15YR.Series. 3 pieces from a live set recorded at the Bug Jar in July 2010. The heavy, loud low-end-heavy free-rock you've grown to expect from this 3-piece. [packaged with pro-printed covers in a heavy duty vinyl sleeve] [Digital Download comes with a PDF of the artwork and liner notes]


  • Crucial Blast

    your brother, my brother

    The latest chunk of lava-like improv-rock from Crush The Junta, that towering trio from Rochester, NY that features members of Entente Cordiale and Transcendental Manship Highway. Yep, we love dark, heavy free rock, and Crush The Junta deliver that in...