Crush the Junta - your brother, my brother

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The latest chunk of lava-like improv-rock from Crush The Junta, that towering trio from Rochester, NY that features members of Entente Cordiale and Transcendental Manship Highway. Yep, we love dark, heavy free rock, and Crush The Junta deliver that in spades with this three track full length that documents a live performance at the Bug Jar in Rochester from earlier in 2010, released as part of Carbon's sprawling 15YR. Series. Think loud, bass-heavy riffage wandering through pounding saurian rhythms, wailing noise guitar freak outs, lumbering slow-core; this'll be right up your alley if you are into the likes of likeminded freeform riff monsters like Rakhim, Burnt Hills, Skullflower, Heavy Winged, Ultrabunny, and Grey Daturas.

First up, "Driving Forward" hangs suspended guitar notes among the slow outward wheeze of feedback, introducing their set with a thick foggy drone, a stream of feedback slowly beginning to swell, then recede; the band gradually cranking the volume as the drums enter in a storm of crashing cymbals, and the song strengthens into a pounding drone-rock jam with a powerful melodic riff forming within the bashing, overloaded rock drone, a monstrous single-chord pounding that becomes infused with rumbling, buzzing machine noises that fade in and out, then veers off into jazzier, noisier territory in the latter half of the track. Then the title track comes in with crushing Codeine-esque slowcore based around a droning repetitious riff and slow heavy drums that tread into oblivion, splattered with drugged howls and gusts of amplifier noise. Finally we come to the massive seventeen minute "Clausius", starting with a minimal percussive rhythm and the buzz of a cranked amp, then introducing a lone guitar playing a simple, almost jazzy figure, the drums alternating between shuffling snare and heavier pounding, the guitar beginning to work itself into circular shapes; after several minutes of this, the band finally lets loose, erupting into a brutal squall of Fushitsusha-style feedback and powerful drumming and mangled guitar skronk, and then around halfway in, it turns into a rumbling, zonked out feedback drone jam, waves of garbled guitar noise and bending feedback notes rippling through the air, forming a thick atmosphere of amplifier electricity that gets pretty hypnotic as it stretches out for several minutes. Then the drums crash back in, hammering out a slow, ponderous dirge, while the simple droning guitar begins to bloom into a simple moody riff that repeats over and over, the whole thing morphing into a super heavy droning slowcore crush, getting noisier and more atonal and more distorted as it goes on, screaming high end guitar dropping in sinister howling leads, the sound going from trancey and mesmeric into this darker sludge assault that finishes out the set.

Comes in a full color cardboard jacket in a thick vinyl sleeve.

  • Crush the Junta

    your brother, my brother


    Carbon Records CR191

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