i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

Various Artists

i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass


Carbon Records CR99

a year+ in the making, and originally slated for a 10YR celebration, this compilation is documentation of amazing people/artists i've worked with over the past, now, 12 years. it also started out as a double CD project, but with the growing list of people i wanted to involve, and the overwhelming volume of confirmations, i had to grow it to a triple CD (and even had to do some trimming to fit that format). the release is packaged in a standard-size DVD case, with a full-color cover, and holds the 3 CDs as well as a full-color card-stock insert. the dvd case is then housed in a natural-color cotton bag with single-color ink stamp art/logo. the sounds range from quiet ambient sounds, to meandering guitar work, to outsider rock, to full on noise, as well as a folk/pop track here and there. [limited edition of 500]

artists include:
aaron rosenblum
andy gilmore
anla courtis
antony milton
autumn in halifax
blood and bone orchestra
blood stereo
carlos giffoni
caustic solution
chad oliveiri
chris reeg
cock e.s.p.
craig colorusso
crush the junta
the davenport family
dead machines
entente cordiale
foot and mouth disease
gastric female reflex
heathen prayers

howard stelzer
irene moon
john charlton
justice yeldman
keith fullerton whitman
mike shiflet
nancy garcia
neil campbell
sindre bjerga
sindre bjerga / jan-m iversen
taiwan deth
taurpis tula
the body
the north sea
thurston moore


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    i don't think the dirt belongs to the grass

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