Various Artists
Carbon Records

Carbon Records is incredibly excited to make available the pre-order of the 2LP Guitar Compilation - WOUND.

Continuing the tradition of its milestone-marking compilations, Carbon is using the occasion of its 25th year to bring together an impressive roster of guitar-based artists. Showcasing the use of guitar in its many forms, this compilation consists of some of the most exciting new and established purveyors of Americana, psych, free-improv, rock, and experimental sounds.

The compilation features this amazing roster:

Alexander (aka David Shapiro, Headroom)

Daniel Bachman

Rat Bastard

Kryssi Battalene (Headroom, Mountain Movers)

Jon Collin (UK)

Loren Connors

Curanderos (Michael and John Gibbons of Bardo Pond)

Tashi Dorji (solo, Manas, Kuzu, etc)

Wendy Eisenberg

Joe+N (Pengo, etc)

Campbell Kneale (NZ)

Bill MacKay

Michael Morley (NZ - Dead C / Gate)

Morning Scales The Mountain (feat. Tom Carter of Charalambides)

Bill Nace (solo, Body/Head with Kim Gordon)

Rob Noyes

James Plotkin

Rambutan (aka Eric Hardiman)

Bruce Russell (NZ - Dead C / Handful of Dust)

Mike Shiflet

Ryley Walker + Brett Naucke

The release features the amazing cover art by Andy Gilmore (Ghostly International, etc) - http://www.agilmore.com

The release also features extensive liner notes by John Olson (Wolf Eyes, American Tapes, etc)

Mastered by James Plotkin.

You can pre-order the 2LP vinyl version, as well as the digital version on Carbon's Bandcamp page - https://carbon-records.bandcamp.com/album/wound