Escape To Never (Program For Melting)

Escape To Never (Program For Melting) CD
Carbon Records

Pengo enters it’s 24th year of existence with a new full-length recording, their 18th. A CD called Escape To Never (Program For Melting). This CD was recorded all in one night this past June in Pengo’s long time headquarters The Bunker in Rochester New York.

Pengo exists in it’s own sonic reality. Slowly snaking it’s way through multiple deep international undergrounds, yet always remaining distinctively a singular odd beast.

This CD sounds like a 10 foot high stack of the wildest, strangest and weirdest records from around the World all smashed into a million shards of vinyl and then super glued back into some sort of mutant record with all of the dirt, dust & grit from the floor mixed on top. Completely outside of time, culture and known languages.

The maniacs in Pengo continue to blast away at the stupid reality we find ourselves in circa 2022. Are your ears brave enough to listen???

Recorded in the Bunker, Rochester NY Spring of 2022

Mixing and editing by Chris Reeg

Mastered by James Plotkin