Crush the Junta - the disappeared

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The Rochester, NY free-sludge trio Crush The Junta first came to my attention last year with their crusher of a debut, the Curse Of Abraham CDR on Carbon. Featuring members of Entente Cordiale, Blood And Bone Orchestra, SQ, Pengo, and Hilkka and taking huge open chord riffs and syrupy, slow moving tempos and using them as the foundation for extended improvised jams that are filled with heavily textured feedback and amplifier noise, Crush The Junta's sound fell somewhere in between the Grey Daturas and Gravitar at their most psychedelic and the austere slowcore of Codeine. Massive and expansive, the trio uses synthesizer and electronic drones along with their core drums/guitar/bass lineup, their music is almost entirely instrumental (save for the occasional howl of ecstasy rising up above the dirge), and their first 'real' CD release The Disappeared further expands upon their trippy metallic jamming. "The Mist Rolls In" opens the album with a series of thu nderous, distorted open chords and saw toothed drone, somewhat Western in feel, almost like a rougher version of the newer Earth stuff crossed with Codeine's Barely Real. But the following track "Skull Against Stone" shifts the album into the abstract, a loop of guitar noise spinning off above guitar noise and buzzing cables and an quasi-krautrock beat until it starts to sound like a riff from the The Who stuck on repeat. "Steps Of The Temple" is one of the only tracks to feature any sort of vocal accompaniment, a few lines of spoken word poetry delivered over slow, sludgy dirge riffing. The rest of the album explores similiar territory, huge blown out psych-sludge jams, thick amplifier drones, pretty indie rock tunes played at glacial tempo, all of it surrounded by a vague sense of political unrest and dystopia. Check 'em out if you're a fan of high energy, distortion laden improv/psych/dirge rock like Heavy Winged, Alasehir, and Grey Daturas. Packaged in a cardsto ck jacket that comes in a heavy plastic mylar sleeve.

  • Crush the Junta

    the disappeared


    Carbon Records CR151

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