Will Veeder / - Exit Interview

Dusted Magazine

If you happen to be a scholar of the Rochester, NY music scene, you should be able to frame Exit Interview within the context of Will Veeder’s nearly 30 years of recording with Muler, Hinkley, the Fox Sisters and Entente Cordiale. But if you share this correspondent’s ignorance of happenings in that segment of upstate New York, you might find it helpful that this sounds like some great, lost Six Organs Of Admittance from the late 1990s, or more maybe some private press LP made much earlier that exchanges hands for mortgage-sized prices, rather than the newly recorded, eminently affordable CDR at hand. Veeder’s acoustic picking has an indefinably “eastern” quality that’s got more to do with psychedelic rock music than any music made by people who live beyond the farthest edge of the Mediterranean, and his reverb-wrapped electric leads shine a focused light on a hitherto unknown corner of the Anatolian surf music cosmos. But Veeder’s a man with something to say, so his thin but sure-pitched voice threads through these pithy tunes, uttering sentiments that occasionally vanish into the fx-ed fog that settles around them, only to materialize harmonizing with itself on the porch outside. Good stuff.