Pengo - Alchemy and Bullshit

Volcanic Tongue

Heaviest slab yet served from the gob of this Rochester-based unit, with two beautifully packaged CD-Rs that bridge the gulf between the early American hobbyist art/action goofs that defined the three-piece incarnation to the heavy psychedelic post-Airway gravity that the current world-beating quartet have been shovelling from their guts for the past few years. Recordings run from the 2001 Phi-Tour series through 2002 live and studio pieces (including guest spots from Dave Cross of Coffee and Ed Wilcox of Temple Of Bon Matin) and wild style tear-em-ups from 2003/2004. Pretty much the definitive set from these bozos, all sealed inside a 6"x 8" silkscreened and spray painted chipboard mailer. Recommended.

  • Pengo

    Alchemy and Bullshit


    Carbon Records CR101

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