Alchemy and Bullshit

Alchemy and Bullshit CDR
Carbon Records

a double CDR document of Pengo's migration from a 3-piece out-spazz-noise group to 4-piece drone-psych-noise-rock group. recordings ranging from the 2001 Phi-Tour series, 2002 live and "studio" pieces (including a show with guests Dave Cross of Coffee,


Volcanic Tongue

by David Keenan

Alchemy and Bullshit

Heaviest slab yet served from the gob of this Rochester-based unit, with tw


by Tony Rettman

Alchemy and Bullshit

Rochester's Pengo have carved out a truly unique spot for themselves in the

Patchwork Collective

by Brock Kappers

Alchemy and Bullshit

PENGO MAN. 4 monsters from Rochester have got the art of mind fuckery down