Various Artists - CR200

Weirdo Records

In every ignored town across the US, the reason there's a scene... the reason there's anything at all for you to check out while you sit bored in front of your computer... is usually that one lone sonofabitch has been grinding it out there, breaking his back day in & thankless day out to champion some local bands that no one gives a fat shit over. That single guy, he's out there telling everybody within earshot about the bands that he likes & dragging people to shows & giving his friends money for their bullshit basement recordings, and doing it over & over & over again. That guy actually causes subtle changes in the way bands sound in the area over time. In Rochester that guy is Joe Tunis & he's been whipping up bass-heavy doom, electronic freedom & some other cool shit out of nuthin & with zero dollars since 1994. A tip of the hat on his 200th release, which sounds like Rochester and no place else.

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