Pengo - Damaged Casket


Daaaamn! Has Pengo made any BAD albums? This is in an edition of 50 but I wish it was more, and is two tracks, which I also wish was more! The first one starts out with a two note low bass groove, with some e-bowed guitar (or something) doing some high pitched diddles over it. Then the super catchy folk guitar comes in, with some muffled drum machine beats, and a repetitive high pitched noise. I always think it is good when bands mix up ranges of frequency. Good looking cover, it has Pengo pictured as a 4 headed beast with small creepy hands, and connected to a stalk of some kind. The back has an advertisement for an 800 number that sells caskets (or possibly repairs them). Track 2 is from some German radio show, which they played over the phone. It's pretty funny when the Germans talk at the beginning, and try to figure out how to pronounce Pengo! The music starts with some layered vocals of John Schoen talking some sort of jibber jabber, I think they are trying to figure out how to work the phone contraption. It sounds pretty good for being recorded over the phone, it's an interesting fidelity to work with. They jam mightily, as always. In conclusion, this is one "damaged casket" you WON'T need to "repair"! HAHAHA!

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