• Alchemy and Bullshit

    Volcanic Tongue

    by David Keenan

    Alchemy and Bullshit

    Heaviest slab yet served from the gob of this Rochester-based unit, with two beautifully packaged CD-Rs that bridge the gulf between the early American hobbyist art/action goofs that defined the three-piece incarnation to the heavy psychedelic post-Airway gravity that...
  • No More Crazy Women

    Volcanic Tongue

    by David Keenan

    No More Crazy Women

    Although free folk spirit Arthur Doyle is primarily associated with the saxophone, the arc of his trails takes in a whole bunch of classic 20th century song and dance modes. Doyle's vocal style is a particularly original amalgam of a...
  • Vital Weekly

    by Frans de Waard

    [Figure and Chad Oliveiri release on Entr'acte] Figure is a name that appears in Vital Weekly since a long time, but sometimes it's spelled Brannon Hungness, Kill My Self On Monday, Oblivion Ensemble but strangely enough we never mentioned his...
  • The Wire

    by Keith Moline

    [Figure and Chad Oliveiri release on Entr'acte] This is gaudy, sensation-seeking music, never boring, but definitely overcooked in places. But what the hell, these guys sounds like they're having a ball... The duo manage to pull it all together on...
  • Freak Animal

    Chad Oliveiri and Figure -The Complete Detachment CDR on Audiobot - A complete brain submission that detaches your head, captures faces and rewires them into an undefined human-hybrid. Like falling asleep under an alien radar-post and losing track of all...
  • Kelli Shay Hicks

    Athens Banner-Herald

    by David Eduardo


    This is not the banal story of a doe-eyed Midwestern girl, with a big voice and three chords, who migrates to Nashville in search of Country and Western riches.Truth is singer-songwriter Kelli Shay Hicks, performing at Flicker Theatre on...
  • Pengo


    by Martyn C.J Thomas

    [Pengo - Cosmology of the Broken Saints]...not to mention the fact that the best thing I heard this week (if not this year) is an un-mp3-postable two-track live CD-R from Pengo entitled Cosmology of the Broken Saints on...
  • estate sale

    Miles of Music

    by Robinson

    estate sale

    Estate Sale coolly exposes a wide variety of musical styles, all or which flow gracefully amongst each other while still maintaining a sound to identify as a band called Hinkley. The Rochester, NY group is fronted by songwriter Will Veeder....
  • estate sale

    Indie Pages

    by Dagger

    estate sale

    Other than the Goo Goo Dolls (ugh….ok, when they first started out they actually had a kinda cool Ramones sound but what the hell happened ???) Rochester, NY ain't known for much (and if it is, will someone please tell me...
  • s/t

    Vital Weekly

    by Frans de Waard


    The Moglass are also present on a three way compilation, together with Andrey Kiritchenko and Anla Courtis (of former Reynols fame). A release by Nexsound, but also on Gold Soundz, Tib Prod and 1000+1 Tilt. This compilation presents various works by...
  • Climbs the Holy Mountain

    Foxy Digitalis

    by Bryon Hayes

    Climbs the Holy Mountain

    With his Carbon Records imprint, Joe Tunis has been exploring the underground music scene of upstate New York and its environs for over 12 years. Throughout its existence, Carbon has released adventurous music on formats both traditional and obscure – Tunis' own Jo...
  • Damaged Casket


    by Reggie Queequeg

    Damaged Casket

    Daaaamn! Has Pengo made any BAD albums? This is in an edition of 50 but I wish it was more, and is two tracks, which I also wish was more! The first one starts out with a two note low bass...
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